Hello coders! In todays blog I will explain some important topics about javascript interview. Let’s get started!

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1 ) Truthy value :

In javascript truthy value is something that considered as true in boolean counter. We have a plenty number of truthy value. Expect some Falsy value everything is considered as a truthy value. For example a string can be a truthy value, true keyword itself is a truthy value

2) Falsy value :

We can define falsy value as the same way we defined falsy value. In javascript falsy value is something that considered as false in boolean counter. There is a…

Hello programmers! In todays blog I am going to explain some basic concepts of react.js. Let’s get started!

React js
React js
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First of all you should know what is react. Let’s learn :

React js :

React is a javascript library used for building user interface. React is only concern about the UI. It made for UI solution. Mainly it is used for building SPA ( Single page application)

Let’s learn some other concepts of react :

2. JSX :

The fullform of JSX is Javascript XML . It looks like HTML but actually it’s not HTML. …

Explore Javascript Part 2 : How javascript works | behind the scene

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Javascript is now a universal programming language. Now it dominating in every field like front-end, back-end, mobile apps and many more. If you are working on a project that largely depends on javascript then you have to utilize everything available in javascript. To do that you must have to know how javascript works and then you can utilize everything and make a better performing application. To know how javascript actually works you have to know some terminology or concepts. Let’s learn all of this.


If you are working with javascript you may have heard these…

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Introduction to Javascript :

Javascript shortly known as js is a scripting language mainly used for web programming, especially for client sites. But now it is used in several fields like server-side, Android, iOS and desktop application development and many more. In this tutorial, we will learn about the history, overview, and basic concepts of javascript. I will publish a detailed article in every part of this article. So stay with me hope we can learn so many things together. Let’s get started!

Let’s learn about the history of javascript :

In the 90th century, the Netscape Navigator was the most popular web browser. In 1995 the management of Netscape decided to…

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